Bigger and Better Brows!

The latest beauty trend making its way through the internet is the bold brow. Bushy eyebrows are now the way to go for a more dramatic look. Whether you love a more natural look or a bold look, bigger seems to better with this makeup trend. 

One fashion icon who is known for her beautiful brows is Taylor Hill. This Victoria Secret supermodel seems to lean towards a more natural eyebrow look and she is killing it. Depending on the day, she can do different things with her brows. 

One eyebrow trend that I am still skeptical about is the obsession with brushing eyebrow hairs upward. This looks amazing on so many women and is one way to draw attention to your brows. Brushing your eyebrows upward can also make them seem thicker and fuller.  

If you are like me, you probably do not have the thickest brows around. No need to fret because there are plenty of tricks out there to help the ladies who want to add some extra volume to their brows. Brow pencils, brow tints, and even serums are different ways you can make your browns look thicker. Some of my favorite brow products includes the Glossier Boy Brow grooming pomade and the Benefit Cosmetics brow pencil. Besides these products, letting your brows grow out, as painful as it may sound, sometimes works wonders. Looking to naturally grow out your eyebrows? Try using coconut or castor oil! No matter your brow thickness or shape, brows are a great feature to highlight when trying new makeup looks. 


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