Biggest VMA Winner of 2021

Among last night’s Video Music Awards, top winners were Justin Bieber, Lil Nas X and Olivia Rodrigo. Even though Lil Nas X took home the most awards, and arguably the most important award of “Video of the Year,” he is not going to walk away as the night’s biggest success. 

Justin Bieber continues to hang on to making music year after year, but even his fans agree that he has probably already reached his peak several years ago. In comparison, Olivia Rodrigo’s peak is probably soon to come, especially after topping so many well-known artists at her first VMAs. 

Rodrigo walked away with two defining award titles, including “Song of the Year,” and “Best New Artist.” Both awards illustrate the audience’s interest in her beyond her music videos, suggesting that her career is about to take off more than it already has. Music audiences are always seeking out a new artist, but they often grow tired of the talent after a few years. Lil Nas X is, more likely than not, close to his decline as an artist, while Rodrigo is just getting started in the music world. 

Another telling sign that her career will be massive is Rodrigo’s origins on TikTok. The audience that controls the popularity of the app also has proven to be the group that controls what is popular in the music industry. Countless numbers of TikToks featured her songs as their sound throughout the year, where many other VMA winners have gone unnoticed on the social media app. Not taking home the most awards doesn’t mean she won’t have the better year over the artists that did. 

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