Bike Shorts

The newest fashion trend that is all the rage on websites like GymShark, LuluLemon, and Aerie are being worn by big names like Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Sophie Turner. Biker Shorts have been pegged as one of Spring 2020’s biggest trends and have taken workout brands by storm. They have even been selling out almost instantaneously! What’s better than being able to combine the flexibility and comfort of wearing leggings while also keeping cool in the warmer weather. One of the big reasons these shorts have made huge waves in the fashion industry is because of how versatile they really are. Influencers, celebrities, and even workout fanatics have been seen wearing them with anything from a blazer to a matching sports bra. Not only are biker shorts durable and comfortable but they are also reasonably priced making them all the more fashion-forward. Oftentimes we see trends that can cost a customer hundreds of dollars, but biker shorts are the perfect product to look stylish but not break the bank. In this article, I will share some of the places you are able to purchase biker shorts and what customers thought about them! 

  1. GymShark

As previously mentioned, GymShark has been bombarded with orders and is sold out of most sizes for each style of biker shorts. One pair that I liked online was the Energy+Seamless Shorts listed for 45 USD. As of right now, they are pretty stocked up on most sizes which I took advantage of seeing as they are sold out on a lot of websites. My overall thoughts for the biker shorts were that they were averagely priced, a great material, super stretchy, but unfortunately constantly were riding up making them hard for everyday use. As someone who is on the go all day, every day, I need a material that will stay in place and be comfortable for all-day wear. Although I love this brand and the look and feel were fantastic, I was not a fan of their inability to stay in place on my legs. 

2. LuluLemon

LuluLemon is an amazing workout brand with hundreds of products and styles that appeal to almost anyone looking for fitness apparel. Their biker shorts have been out of stock for quite some time due to their popularity. I visited one of the LuluLemon locations a few months ago hoping to purchase a pair of their biker shorts but they were very limited in stock. I used my regular leggings size to try on the shorts and they did not fit very well. Instead of fitting snug and comfortably to my leg, they squeezed my thigh making it difficult to move around. I tried the 10” pair which were a little too long for my liking and in the “Fast and Free” style which is why they were a little snugger. I’ve found the Align style leggings allow for a lot more movement when working out or on the go so when they are back in stock, I recommend giving the Align Biker Shorts a try! They are on the more expensive side at around 68 USD but LuluLemon is a great brand with amazing products! 

3. Aerie 

Aerie has just released an online exclusive pair of biker shorts for an amazing price! For just around 25 USD, you can keep up with the newest fashion-forward trend while shopping from a brand you trust. Already, they have received amazing reviews about their look and feel. Some mentioned in the reviews that you should size up but that was the only negative feedback I saw! For now, they just come in a few colors and styles but I’m sure there are more to come. They are also praised for their fit on bigger women as many other workout brands tend to run very small. I have just ordered two pairs for myself and so should you!  


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