Bill de Blasio Won’t Be Running in Politics Again

Bill de Blasio was a former mayor of New York City. On Tuesday, de Blasio said that he will not be running for governor in New York, even though in the past months he showed resilience and interest in doing so. He will be utilizing his energy in fighting inequality in New York City. Compared to his rivals, the polls suggested that Kathy Hochul was highly favored. She is New York’s first female governor who focuses on the impact of climate change in New York City, ethics in government, increase of healthcare workers, and education in the prison system. Young New Yorkers liked Hochul’s leadership because she invokes hope rather than using fear to drive people to work. The second Hochul got into office, Andrew Cuomo became a ghost.

In his speech, Bill de Blasio covered and admitted about some unflattering moments during his time as governor. On Groundhog Day, de Blasio accidentally killed a groundhog by dropping it on the ground. The groundhog died later that day. Despite the numerous mistakes that de Blasio made in his leadership, de Blasio learned from his mistakes and continues moving forward to support struggling communities in New York City.

In de Blasio’s first term as governor, he had universal pre-kindergarten approved. Here, three-year-olds are able to go to school to help parents focus on work and save money on child care. He pushed for the $15 minimum wage because parents were struggling in homeless shelters, putting them at a high disadvantage for inflated housing in the city. His leadership was able to reduce homelessness by 11 percent. De Blasio’s administration provided rental-assistance vouchers and eviction prevention in certain cases. The New York State Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) has an application for New Yorkers to get assistance in any accommodation rental issues. Free legal services are offered at 311 with the request of the “Tenant Helpline.” To de Blasio, homelessness is the biggest failure he faced during his leadership because there are still thousands of homeless people lying on the streets of New York. The amount of homeless people are increasing further during the pandemic.

De Blasio invested his work with 200,000 affordable housing units. His team would either help build new homes or stop the expiration of renting deadlines. New Yorkers felt that these actions were not enough to support them in the housing crisis because the investment supported families who earned at least $53,000. The people who truly need housing support are those who are earning less than $53,000 and that has yet to be addressed.


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