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Billy Porter Criticized Vogue For Putting Harry Styles On Cover

Harry Styles became the first man to be featured by himself in the cover of Vogue magazine last year and Billy Porter is not happy about it. 

The Pose star told reporters for The Sunday Times that he has problems with Vogue’s decision to put Styles, who is shown wearing a dress, on the cover of the December 2020 issue. 

According to Porter, he was the “first one doing it” and he criticized Vogue for praising Styles as an icon who breaks gender norms. 

“I feel like the fashion industry has accepted me because they have to,” Porter said. “I’m not necessarily convinced and here is why. I created the conversation [about non-binary fashion] and yet Vogue still puts Harry Styles, a straight white man, in a dress on their cover for the first time.”

Styles is known as an outright supporter of the LGBTQ community and has never labeled his sexuality in public. The 27-year-old musician also told Vogue in the past that he doesn’t like
“limiting” himself when choosing outfits.

Porter explained to the Sunday Times that he was “not dragging” Styles but was questioning whether the former One Direction member was the right person to represent the conversation of non-binary fashion.

“This is politics for me. This is my life,” Porter said. “I had to fight my entire life to get to the place where I could wear a dress to the Oscars and not be gunned now. All he has to do is be white and straight.”

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