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Bodega88 is the Best Place for Sports, Drinks, and Great Food!

There’s nothing like the energy of watching a game, match, or fight at a sports bar. The tension between fans of different teams and players, the endless amount of food, and, of course, the ability to drink offers a great experience for all (unless your team is losing). But to be perfectly truthful, a lot of the sports bars around New York and New Jersey are the same. All have similar menus, similar drink options, and many lack an atmosphere where you feel like you at home watching a game. Insert Bodega88.

Located in the Upper West Side in New York City, Bodega88 is one of the most intriguing sports bars in the Big Apple. They have a wide array of unique drink options, and they specialize in Latin-inspired food, putting a creative twist on the usual sports bar. With a comfortable amount of space at the bar and a lot of tables on the outskirts, you can enjoy your favorite sports games from wherever you are.

Another stellar thing about Bodega88 is its outdoor seating. Even if you aren’t the biggest sports fan, there is still a place for you at this bar, with lots of seats outside so you can enjoy some beautiful, warm nights in New York City! But don’t worry, they still have plenty of TV’s out there, so you won’t be missing any of the sports action. As someone who loves eating outside, I always look for places that have tables outside, and Bodega88 has that, topped with excellent service and a great menu!

Speaking of the menu, it’s best to come hungry (and thirsty!) to Bodega88, as you will certainly want to have one of their delicious small plate options before your main dish. The guacamole is to die for, and you won’t get it better anywhere than here. With your guac, which is made from traditional avocado hash, you are also served delicious plantain chips, so the classic pairing of chips & guac lives on in excellent style. The green salad is another fantastic small option if you start with something healthier, served with carrot, onion, cucumber, and tomato.

If those small plate options aren’t appetizing enough (except they definitely are), there are tons of main dishes that will have you licking your plate clean! The Bodega Burger is a staple, with a Latin spiced beef patty, arugula, caramelized onions, and Vermont white cheddar cheese. This tantalizing burger also comes with a side of chimi fries. It’s no fun to watch a game on an empty stomach, and this burger, along with the other dishes on the menu, such as different sandwiches (pulled pork, grilled cheese, Cuban, and chicken), quesadillas, empanadas, and nachos will be left more than satisfied. You can view the rest of the Bodega88 food and drink menu here.

So, the food is great at Bodega88, there’s no questioning that, but it is a bar after all. The drink options on the menu will make you want to try a little bit of everything (but drink responsibly, of course). With over a dozen bottled and draught beer, there is something on the menu for beer lovers everywhere. They also have some delicious red and white wines, as well as signature cocktails. One of the most classic cocktails on their menu is the sangria, of course, but the cucumber cooler looks to be a unique option if you want to try something different. It’s made from crop cucumber vodka, green grapes, St. Germain, agave, lemon, and seltzer. Drinking this, or any of the options on the menu, and pairing it with the delicious food will make for an unforgettable night of enjoyment.

One of my favorite things about Bodega88 is that they prioritize the customer and know what they want. This is why they have TV’s at every booth, so each person there has a front row seat to the game. Whether it’s the NBA Finals, the Euro Championship, or the MLB All-Star Game, you can watch it exclusively at Bodega88, with a television so close to you you’ll feel like you are at the stadium yourself.

I can’t think of a better place to enjoy a sports game, or just a night out with friends, than Bodega88. With high-quality food, an assortment of drinks, TV’s everywhere, and outdoor seating, you won’t ever want to go anywhere else to enjoy a fun night! You can follow their Instagram page here and you can find their website here. Go enjoy yourself at Bodega88!


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