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Bravest, Grittiest, and Most Intense Movie of 2016!

So many movies being released this year but none of which caught my attention like Dangal. Dangal is the most awaited movie of 2016. It was rated 4.5 stars on almost every website as well as movie theaters. This film was directed by Nitesh Tiwari. It’s based on the life of former Indian wrestler Mahavir Phogat. It features Fatima Sana Sheikh and Sanya Malhotra who play his daughters. The idea of the film was to explain the struggles Mahavir Phogat faced which caused him to train his daughters making them India’s wrestling champions.
Dangal is about motivation, encouragement, self-belief, and a father-daughter relationship. Due to this being based on Mahavir Phogat, its being said no one can determine which parts are fictional or non-fictional. This movie is especially great for any individual who has had self-doubt or experienced a dark cloud over their life where they felt as if there was no solution. Watching this film, you will definitely experience a few goosebump moments and thrills. If you like watching movies that catch your attention with such intensity, thrill, and action then I would highly recommend you watch Dangal. Don’t miss out on the number one Intense movie of 2016!


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