Brian Laundrie Remains Confirmed

It appears that the search to find Brian Laundrie is over. After evaluation of skeletal remains found in the Carlton Reserve, the dental examination confirmed they belong to Laundrie. Nearby the reserve were belongings that he left behind that may offer some answers as to what exactly happened to Laundrie and fiancé Gabby Petito. 

A notebook is one of the things that was found. No information has been revealed at this time, but investigators are hoping to find some confirmation that he was the killer of his fiancé. They are anticipating some type of suicide note that could piece together how everything happened. Though it has not been determined that he is the definite killer, he has been the main person of interest throughout this case. 

Investigators are hoping to find some evidence of mental illness or anger that led to a violent event, or even signs of regret or explanation. The public may never be informed of what is in the notebook, depending on the circumstances. If nothing valuable to the investigation is found in the notebook, many questions will be left unanswered now that he is deceased. 

Any alleged sightings of Laundrie in recent weeks were likely inaccurate, since what was found of him had mostly decayed. Evidence suggests that he has been dead for more than a couple weeks. Experts believe that he took his life very shortly after leaving his parent’s home. 

If Laundrie is determined to be the murderer of Gabby Petito, it will offer some closure to Petito’s family, and it will ensure that the killer is not still wandering around. 


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