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BTS’ Jungkook becomes Global Ambassador for Calvin Klein

Despite the hiatus, the members of the K-pop band BTS are always in the news. Be it their time in the army or their solo journeys as artists; fans are always excited to know what the boys are up to. And it looks like some more good news has come their way. Jungkook has been officially named the new global brand ambassador for Calvin Klein.

On March 27, Calvin Klein posted a short video introducing the new face of their iconic denim. A day later, on March 28, a pictorial featuring Jungkook was revealed on the brand’s social media account.

“I have been a fan of Calvin Klein for a long time, and I’m thrilled to be their newest global ambassador,” Jungkook said, per Elle Singapore. “This partnership is very special, as Calvin Klein’s heritage and brand values resonate with me.”

“My music is how I communicate with my fans around the world, and I see this partnership as an opportunity to connect with them in a new way. I’m incredibly excited for people to see a new side of me in this first campaign for the brand,” he added.

The first campaign with Jungkook launched globally on Tuesday, and since then, a frenzy has occurred among the fans. The stunning photos were shot by Park Jong Ha and featured Jungkook wearing the brand’s ’90s Straight Jeans, relaxed fit denim shirt, oversized denim jacket, and relaxed fit standard logo crewneck tee.

Take a look at the K-pop artist in action below, and stay tuned for more from Calvin Klein and Jungkook.


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