Bud Light is no longer America’s best selling beer

Back in May, Bud Light lost its No. 1 ranking after backlash that plummeted sales. The brand continues to lose ground to its fellow competitors. 

Parent company Anheuser-Busch InBev sold $297 million worth of Bud Light for the four weeks ending May 28- a 23% drop from the same time period the year before. Bud Light competitor Modelo Especial ranked No. 1 in May with $333 million in sales ( a 15% increase from 2022).

The reason behind the Bud Light sales drop follows a promotion campaign with TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney, a trans right activist and actress. This sparked an uproar among conservatives including singers Kid Rock and Travis Tritt, who called to boycott the popular beer brand. Last month, the CEO said on an investor call that Budweiser was still experiencing conservative backlash over the situation, mostly because the public mistakenly believed it had a long-term partnership with the social media influencer.

The company then attempted to distance itself from the campaign which caused further backlash, this time coming from the LGBTQ+ community. It was reported that some bars began to pull Anheuser-Busch products from their menu. 

According to Circana, here are the top-selling beer brands in the U.S. in May:

  • Modelo Especial ($333.1 million)
  • Bud Light ($297.3 million)
  • Michelob Ultra ($267.6 millon)
  • Coors Light ($241 million)
  • Miller Lite ($216.4 million)

“Unless Bud Light starts to experience a serious course correction in terms of performance, which can only come from consumers finding their way back into the brand family, then that firm grip on the No. 1 rank by year-end loosens a bit more every week” says Dave Williams, vice president of analytics from Bump Williams Consulting.


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