Building a Strong and Sustainable Wardrobe

The dangers of fast fashion have been a hot topic lately, as microtrends continue to cycle faster and faster. People are already getting rid of their summertime “coconut girl” dresses that they purchased just a few months ago. 

One way to avoid this issue is relatively simple: buy clothes you like, not necessarily clothes that are popular! When you’re buying a shirt, ask yourself if you’d be able to wear it for the next year (or two!)

It can be incredibly difficult to avoid fast fashion, especially because it’s so affordable, but taking the time to shop more considerately could greatly decrease the amount of clothes that you’re putting to waste. 

Instead of doing massive online shopping hauls, try shopping more gradually. Get things as you need them, instead of sporadically adding $300 worth of clothes to your cart. And I get it, some people like to shop! It’s possible to be a fashionista, and to be respectful of the environment. 

My personal favorite thing about this practice is that it will encourage you to get to know yourself, while you’re living more sustainably. If anything, working to build a long-lasting wardrobe will help your style improve even more because you’ll dress more uniquely to fit your personal taste using articles that you’ve collected over time. Gradually building a sturdy wardrobe will allow you to practice your individual style, rather than subscribing to the trend of the month.


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