C.I.A. Director Says That Putin May Go Nuclear

Central Intelligence Agency director William J. Burns said that Putin may turn nuclear to claim victory in conquering Ukraine to stop the offensives against them. This is the first time the White House has brought up this concern during the seven weeks of war in Ukraine. Burns has dealt with Putin very often and he served as the American ambassador to Russia. He adds that he has not seen “practical evidence” of nuclear threats from Russia just yet.

Tactical weapons that are nuclear are sometimes called “battlefield nukes.” They are smaller weapons that can explode and cause great destruction. Only a few exist in the United States.

Burns said, “I have watched over the years as Putin has stewed in a combustible combination of grievance and ambition and insecurity.” He said that the United States took advantage of Russia weakening their country when the nations of the Soviet Union had split.

President Joe Biden and national security adviser Jake Sullivan debated on sending a high official to Kyiv in support of Ukraine’s fight against Russia. Prime Minister Boris Johnson took a private trip by train to see Kyiv. Although President Biden did consider going to Ukraine, Sullivan was concerned about the impact Biden would make in Ukraine and if it would jeopardize the safety of the United States.

Sullivan said, “Russia’s ability to retool and replenish rely on Western microchips and components.” He also adds, “I’m not sitting here suggesting we have so starved them of those resources they literally can’t field an army and continue to try to make progress on the battlefield.”

Although China and Russia are strong allies, Sullivan doesn’t see that China would support Putin with military or financial aide. President Biden had called President Xi Jinping four weeks ago and warned on how China would be penalized if they were to support Russia in the war. China currently has mixed views on how they see the war, even their citizens.

General Phillip Breedlove is a retired former supreme allied commander in Europe. He points out that Russia looks like they will push Ukraine to surrender my force, but this will be a huge loss for Russians in the long term. He said, “Ukraine is still going to try to fight what I call the American Revolutionary War again, skirmishing and counterattacking and ambushing. It is just going to be a lot harder for them.”

General Breedlove sees that Ukraine is well-prepared for the war as nations around the world are supplying materials to help them. He said, “They want to meet force on force in open fields.”


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