Cannabis takes over the Skin Care Industry

Nowadays, everybody wants to go with the trend; changing eating habits to healthier ones, getting in shape, minimizing our carbon footprint, even using beauty products that are 100% vegan and cruelty free. You name it!  We are all trying to live a better, longer and organic life. The consumer is constantly trying to find new and innovative products that fit into this modern organic lifestyle. So, why not include this trend into your skin care beauty routine?

Beauty companies are now creating skin care products made out of hemp seed’s oil. This incredible sustainable, multipurpose plant is also being used to innovate and improve the beauty industry we are all so fond of. This ever-popular oil is all people are talking about and for a great reason. Hemp seed oil is filled with antioxidants, vitamins and contains all 21 known amino acids. It contains no psychoactive ingredients like THC or CBD oils, which are extracted from the plant’s flower. It is amazing for all types of skin; sensitive skin, oily skin or even combination skin. The hemp oil has your back. It has antibacterial properties, calms redness, doesn’t clog pores, includes UV protection and best part, it’s ORGANIC! Fitting like a glove into the twenty-first century way of living.

You may ask yourselves, what makes CBD & hemp skin care products better? Well, the compounds found in the cannabis flower have the capability to tap into our body’s endocannabinoid system by mimicking chemicals that our body naturally produces. Our skin is the largest organ and it’s full of cannabinoid receptors, therefore putting skin care products rich in CBD will deposit the benefits of the amino acids and fatty acids directly to those receptors. The industry is now filled with CBD based products and buyers must be careful when buying and trying brands, due to the lack of regulation the CBD market has. Many brands claim to have products that are pure and organic, but in reality, many products may contain little or no CBD at all and at worst may be contaminated with molds, mycotoxins and heavy metals that are not good your skin or body.

As Consumers begin expanding their beauty product knowledge, they may need to do a little more work before buying CBD or hemp products. Make sure to research about the brand and their transparency policies for the ingredients they use. As a beauty skin care lover, I am always looking, testing and researching for the best and most organic products to use to make my skin glowy & fresh 24/7.

Here we recommend a list of the best-known CBD products in the market that are known for being almost a hundred percent pure and organic. The brands recommended are transparent about the ingredients they use and offer third party lab test to prove the strength and purity of the cannabinoid’s products.


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