Capitol Police Expects Violence in Upcoming Rally

Government officials and the Capitol Police are worried that history might repeat itself in Washington D.C. during a right-wing rally on September 18th. 

CNN reported on Wednesday that a Capitol Police memo stated that violent rhetoric surrounding the event has increased online and counter-protests are being planned for that day. They fear the event could end violently, like the Capitol attack of January 6th. 

The rally intends to show support for insurrectionists who got charged in the Capitol riot earlier this year. The memo also shows that some people may perceive the event as a “Justice for Ashli Babbit.” Babbit was shot to death by an officer during the Capitol riot. This also causes concern for violence because the officer’s identity was recently revealed in an NBC interview. 

The lead organizer of the rally, Matt Braynard, told CNN that the event would be peaceful and tweeted on Wednesday that all members of Congress are welcome to speak at the rally. 

The Capitol Police Board is currently deciding if they will put temporary fencing around the Capitol building ahead of the rally. 

This will probably be one event I won’t miss on T.V. I always miss the Oscars, Grammys, big sports games and other highly advertised events, but I could not get my eyes off the news when the January 6th Capitol riot happened. It was absurd, and honestly kind of entertaining, to see how insurrectionists took full advantage of their white privileges without expecting consequences. They graciously used social media to show the world how they could break into a government building, steal, and break objects, and they really thought that the color of their skin or heritage would protect them from legal trouble. If the September 18th event gets violent, will the rioters film themselves and their friends getting wild again? The U.S. government could really use that material.

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