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Celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee for the 70th Anniversary of her Accession to the Throne

95 years young, Queen Elizabeth is one of the three other monarchs to have reigned for 70 years. She is currently Britain’s longest reigning monarch whose legacy has influenced nations from all around the world. In the past couple months, Queen’s Elizabeth’s health has slowly declined and canceled public appearances. She provides an endorsement for her daughter-in-law, Camilla, in support as the Queen Consort.

Queen Elizabeth is highly favored in the United Kingdom. With an approval rate of 77 percent, she met every U.S. President since Harry S. Truman. In her reception, she invited volunteer groups and guests from the Women’s Institute. A former culinary student shares their recipe for the original Coronation chicken. Despite her old age, Queen Elizabeth is still able to bring some joy amid the pandemic when cutting the cake by saying a couple of jokes.

There are several impacts that Queen Elizabeth has done during her reign, but one impacting action was in support of the impoverished communities in the United Kingdom. Queen Elizabeth is committed to helping others. She is a patron for over 600 organizations, including Blind Veterans U.K. and the Red Cross. Her impact resonates with the public’s view as they divert their attention towards these specific issues. Queen Elizabeth gave her personal money to support Nepal’s rebuilding efforts after the 2015 earthquake. Every year, she would host a garden party at Buckingham Palace to raise money for organizations in need. For her support, the organizations have provided her a 90th birthday medal in commemoration for her support of improving communities.

The jubilee also brought memories of Queen Elizabeth’s father who died of lung cancer on the same day back in 1952. School children sent her drawings and cards to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee. The influence of Queen Elizabeth’s reign encouraged women in the United Kingdom to fight for work and life equality, leading to more women gaining leadership positions and pursuing careers outside of their homes.

New Zealand performs a 21 gun salute for the Queen’s Jubilee. The 21 gun salute is the highest honor and is recognized by many nations. It is a signifier for peace by firing the cannons into the sea until they ran out of ammunition. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Queen Elizabeth proves to be a strong one as she grasps the reins after World War II and leads the country to a brighter tomorrow.

“It has always been easy to hate and destroy. To build and to cherish is much more difficult.” – Queen Elizabeth II


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