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Charlie Puth Says Highly Anticipated Song is “Coming Soon”

Charlie Puth would certainly be known as the King of Edging before his music career ends. For months now, he has been giving peaks into the writing process of multiple songs, and one, in particular, has gotten a lot of attention.

In a TikTok earlier this year, Puth posted a video where he created a song he calls “Light Switch,” because he uses the sound of a light switch being turned on as part of the percussion of the track. He has kept fans updated, periodically sharing the development of different parts of the song…but where is the song?

It is safe to say, fans are healthily obsessed. Some of the top comments on his recent TikToks, unrelated to Light Switch sound like “Bro when we getting light switch?” and the higher stressed, “Charlie where is LIGHT SWITCH?” Nothing else seems to matter at this point. He says he’s working on an album, but they want the single now.

Recently, Puth has said it’s coming very soon. He has given some strange clues, but they are so vague that no one really knows what they mean. He has commented the number “10” under some of those comments asking where the song is. Does this mean 10 days? The 10th of December? 10 years from now? A release date would offer fans some comfort, but clearly, that is not exactly his style.

Not knowing when the song is coming definitely keeps fans returning to his account every day to check for updates, but enough is enough Charlie. Throw us a bone.


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