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Chicago Cubs announce Craig Councell as new manager

The Chicago Cubs surprised fans with the announcement of their newest manager. Former Milwaukee Brewers manager Craig Counsell will be taking the reigns as the Cubs 56th manager. According to MBL.com, Counsell signed a five-year deal with the Cubs worth $40 million, making Counsell the highest-paid manager in baseball history.

Before he managed baseball teams, Counsell had a lengthy playing career as an infielder with the Brewers, the Marlins, and the Diamondbacks. Following his retirement in 2011, Counsell worked with Brewers first in their front office, a short instance as a color commentator, and eventually a Brewers coach in 2015.

Counsell expressed his excitement at joining the Cubs in a press conference on Monday at Wrigley Field.

“The Brewers have meant a lot to me. I have great relationships there,” said Counsell. “The relationships I have there are the relationships I’m going to try with all of me to build in Chicago. They’re what’s important in this game”

“It is time to be a Cub,” Counsell continued. “There is momentum happening here, and it feels close. And that means there’s a really exciting future ahead of us, and now it’s my job to be part of taking us to the next level. And that’s the plan.”

The Cubs had shocked the baseball scene with their sudden dismissal of their previous coach David Ross. However, there doesn’t seem to be any bad blood between the two men, with Counsell remarking the large amount of respect he has for the former coach.

“David is a very good man,” Counsell said. “David texted me probably before the news broke here. I called him back immediately. We had what I think is a very good conversation. I’ve always had very great respect for David. That gave me the ultimate respect for David — how he handled the conversation… I respect the heck out of David Ross.”

But despite his excitement, many Brewers fans are sad to see him go, especially to their biggest rival team.


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