Chris Brown at it Again

Is he a bad boy or just young and immature; you be the judge!!! The young talented R & B Singer Christopher Brown, 22, also known as Chris Brown is at it again. Brown and friends are apparently accused of being neighbors from hell at his West Hollywood condo. They are accused of everything from parking their cars in spaces reserved for his neighbors, vandalizing the elevator by carving C.B. on the door, blasting loud music, racing dogs in the hallways and partying all times of the day and night. Although, Brown has been talked to and ticketed numerous times about disobeying the rules and the laws of the apartment, neighbors and building manager say they are fed up. According to Mark Geragos, Brown’s lawyer, Brown hasn’t done anything wrong. They are now in litigation over the received parking tickets and parking spaces.
On a lighter note, Brown is dibbing and dabbing in the rap world and plans to release a hip-hop mixtape called Boy in Detention. Although he has released several mixtapes in the past, this will be his first full rap release. He forewarns skeptics, “Yes I’m a singer so if this mixtape doesn’t reach your quota for hip hop! Simply don’t listen.” The release date is not yet determined.


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