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Classic Disney songs are leaps and bounds better than the modern ones (Op-Ed)

I wasn’t a Disney kid by any stretch of the imagination, but even I can admit that its movies had some amazing songs

Emphasis on the word “had”.

When looking at Disney classics like “The Lion King”, the music is phenomenal. Nowadays, though, the music in Disney is just not as good, especially in Disney’s 2023 film “Wish”.

One of Disney’s most well-known films is “The Lion King”. Of course, the soundtrack played a massive role in the film’s success. From the nail-biting melody of “Be Prepared” to the happy vibes of “Hakuna Matata”, the songs in “The Lion King” are truly sing-a-long worthy.

Sadly, the soundtrack in “Wish” doesn’t reach the same level of success. Upon release, the songs in “Wish” were heavily criticized for poor lyrics, especially “I’m A Star”. One of the lines in the song that was made fun of significantly on YouTube was “I’m a star, here I are”. As a writer, that line hurts.

The villain song “This is the Thanks I Get” got a lot of backlash for not really “feeling” like a villain song. Villain songs are usually my favorite: they’re dark, have powerful lyrics, and truly showcase that the person singing them is bad news. I didn’t get that from “This is the Thanks I Get”. It sounded more like someone having a bad day than a villain planning their next nefarious deed. The lyrics are repetitive. The clearest example is “I let you live here for free and I don’t even charge you rent”. I haven’t watched the whole movie, but from this lyric to the one from “I’m a Star”, I can see why this soundtrack got so much hate. No offense to Chris Pine, who voiced the villain, he has a phenomenal voice and sang a poorly-written song very well.

Dissecting modern Disney music, it’s no wonder the new movies get so much hate. Half of what made Disney classics so successful were their amazing soundtracks. Now, with weird repetition and laughable lyrics, that Disney magic is lost. Hopefully, the writers can take a lesson from classic Disney and start writing songs in the old, successful style again.


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