Clinton Kane: Starting from Scratch

Clinton Kane is a prime example of how a genuine and authentic passion for something can develop into an unimaginable dream. For Kane, this passion came in the form of being a musician. With his incredible voice and drive to teach himself an array of instruments, this singer-songwriter quickly gained a large following on YouTube in 2016. It is important to note that his story of starting off on YouTube and eventually becoming a well-known artist is nothing short is inspiring.

Although Kane’s incredible voice was first evident in the covers that he uploaded, his audience fell in love with the songs that he wrote about his own emotions and experiences. With many of his songs beginning with “this is what…” he somehow found a way to touch the hearts of every listener with simple titles and meaningful lyrics. The comments sections of his original songs such as “this is what rejection feels like” and “this is what anxiety feels like” quickly filled with listeners praising the fact that he is singing about emotions and experiences that most cannot put into words. There is no question that Kane’s raw emotion and vulnerability is one of the many things that connects him to his audience on such a personal level. His piece titled “this is what heartbreak feels like” has not only reached more than one million views but is one of the many examples of how he portrays the fact no one is alone in their struggles. Whether his lyrics tap into the reality of relationships or the feelings that we all experience daily, it is incredible to watch Kane develop as an artist.

As Kane continued to display his talent on YouTube, his passion for music took him to higher heights when he eventually signed with Columbia Records. This opportunity simultaneously opened an array of new doors for the artist and allowed for his relatable content to reach a larger audience on more streaming platforms. Working alongside Martin Garrix, a well-known DJ and record producer, the duo released the hit single “Drown” which has already hit more than 60 million streams on Spotify. “Drown” beautifully describes the feeling of living in the moment and holding onto someone despite the pain it may bring.

Although Kane is growing his career to unimaginable heights, his listeners still praise him for releasing relatable lyrics that touch the heart just like they did in 2016. Whether he is writing new content with Columbia Records or simply telling stories about his own experiences, he is teaching his listeners that it is healthy to tap into their emotions because, at the end of the day, we are all human.


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