Closing Schools and Mental Health

The school system provides a sense of structure for children and young adults, but this has been disrupted since schools were shut down in April 2019.

Those already diagnosed with mental illnesses may rely on the structure of a school day as a coping mechanism. Furthermore, many children rely on their school for mental health resources.

Those enrolled in special education programs no longer have access to needed resources that allow them to develop social and mental skills.

Those in college are experiencing new challenges as they struggle to adapt to a new way of learning. Additionally, being placed in an entirely new environment is a challenging adjustment even under normal circumstances. Now, with Covid-19 restrictions, students are having more trouble adapting and making friends.

As many schools continue to operate in a way that is far from normal, the pandemic takes a toll on the mental health of adolescents and young adults. Very little is currently known about the psychological effects of the pandemic on children. There is now a very strong need to monitor mental health in order to analyze the impacts that school closures can truly have on this generation.


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