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Colleen Hoover Is Still Topping The Best Seller’s List

Young adult fiction writer Colleen Hoover has become a household name at this point, with a whopping 15 books making it onto the 150 top sellers list for weeks upon weeks. Hoover’s first novel was published in 2011, with her newest release Reminders of Him standing as her 22nd publication, making her astounding 15 best-sellers all the more impressive. Her emotional, enticing reads have skyrocketed into popularity this summer through TikTok, with the subgenre “BookTok” spreading awareness about Hoover’s novels, prompting more and more readers to purchase her books and share their obsession with the romantic storylines crafted by Hoover. 

Two books recently adapted onto the screen, “Where the Crawdads Sing” and “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” have also been bestsellers this summer, with fans who watched the movie and series mass purchasing the books after finishing the respective adaptations. However, Colleen Hoover has managed to still earn the title of author of the summer with no book-based movies in circulation quite yet. Her most popular novel, It Ends With Us, follows a 23-year old college graduate’s complicated and manipulative relationship with a neurosurgeon in Boston, and has been described as “heartbreaking” and “a tearjerker.” This 2016 book is now currently in the filming stages of a movie adaptation, after “Jane the Virgin” star Justin Baldoni decided to take this beloved novel and turn it into a film, produced by his company, Wayfarer Entertainment. Fans have shared their excitement not only for this movie, but also for the sequel book It Starts With Us, set to release this fall on October 18th.

While It Ends With Us has remained as #2 on the USA Today’s Best Sellers list, her books Verity, Ugly Love, Reminders of Him, and November 9th all rank in the top 10, with more and more people purchasing books in these summer months to read on the beach or by the pool. All of these books and more are also on Amazon’s “most sold” list at the moment, so don’t hesitate to join the Colleen Hoover fan club and read some of these books for yourself before the summer comes to an end. 


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