Combat Ready

Then– I was always ready for war, herb intoxicated, military vest , fatigues, nine Millie sig sauer or my four four Every time I stepped out my front door, I’m ready for blood shed like the savages in darfur, I had to prevent myself from becoming a chalk traced body on the cold concrete floor, if slugs flew my way, some bodies soul will soar. im an initiate, the streets initiated me corrupted me, made me other than myself, a righteous mans seed. Blam blam blam blam blam for every me of those my body bled, a gurney was my bed, I’m dreaming of being rich while the doc is telling momma, next time you visit it will be a fifty fifty chance he’ll be dead.
Now– I’m elevated, I’m mentally strapped, my gun is a pen, it’s a super soaker, it’s caliber is power, I shoot this gift letting the world know the devil is a caniver as I civilize them eighty fivers. my experience and wits give atheist faith, my wisdom gives them religion, my change gives hope to men women and children, sun moon and stars, I heal mental scars, free those behind mental bars, I’m helping people see like an owls sees without spinning their head three sixty, that’s with 120 degrees of knowledge 120 of wisdom 120 of understanding. I’m an 7 * ( descendant. Soon the whole world will understand me.
Infinite the poet 2012
Albert Carrasco infinite poetry

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