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Community Goes Back to School This Thursday

Viewers will see some familiar faces on NBC this Thursday at 8pm when Community finally returns from its long hiatus. The show’s loyal fan base loves watching Jeff, Britta, Annie, Pierce, Troy and Abed every week as they have epic paintball tournaments, pay homage to movies like Pulp Fiction and Batman, and, in one episode, even live through seven different timelines of the same day. Community loves to turn the sitcom genre on its head and you never know what you’re going to get when you tune in, but it’s guaranteed to be funny. The return of Community is such an event that series star Joel McHale is doing a special comedy set at Caroline’s in New York City that includes a live viewing of the show’s first new episode since December. If you haven’t seen Community yet, be sure to check it out on NBC this Thursday at 8pm.



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