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Coroner Determines Gabby Petito’s Cause of Death to be Strangulation

A Wyoming coroner announced on Tuesday that the cause of cross-country traveler Gabby Petito’s death was strangulation. In a news conference, Teton County coroner Dr. Brent Blue said that Petito died three to four weeks before her body was found on September 19th near an underdeveloped camping area along the border of Grand Teton National Park in remote northern Wyoming.

Blue had previously classified Petito’s death as a homicide, confirming what most thought about this case: that foul play was involved. Now it’s known just how Petito was killed. However, according to AP News, the coroner declined to say more about the autopsy and the case overall, citing that he is prevented from doing so due to Wyoming law limiting what coroners can release. It’s unclear if this new development will lead to additional charges against Petito’s boyfriend and traveling partner, Brian Laundrie, who is a person of interest and still remains at large.  

The three to four weeks that Petito’s body was believed to be in the wilderness puts her dead around Aug. 27th-30th when investigators believe the couple had traveled to the area, say AP News. Petito’s disappearance generated a frenzy back in September, with many finding what happened to be very concerning. Most people were pointing their fingers at Laundrie due to his actions—returning home to his parents without Petito and then going missing within a week. Now the search for Laundrie has generated a buzz as well, with media personalities like “Dog the Bounty Hunter” and “America’s Most Wanted” host John Walsh working on tracking Laundrie down.


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