Cottage core fashion essentials for this summer

Cottage Core has been taking over the fashion world, covering users’ feeds with decorating ideas, flirty fun fashion, and everything in between. Just the sound of phrase “Cottage Core” evokes beauty and comfort. I have put together some of the essentials for a cottage core summer wardrobe and cannot wait to share it!  

Embroidered crew necks have been of the most popular; a simple pullover for the faint summer breeze is perfect and is necessarily essential! From painted tulips to Frogs and Toads in the form of an embroidered patch, a lot of adorable ones can be found crafted by small businesses on Etsy! 

Blue Crewneck

Frog Crewneck 

Tote Bags – Tote bags are going to have to be on this list, as I cannot seem to get away from them. Totes have taken over the internet and streets with an unlimited number of designs and some of the most exquisite art displayed on the front!  

Lulu Merch is currently having a sale; here is one of their bags that is being sold!  

Link To Tote Bag  

Floral skirts- These have been a basic closet piece for as long as I can remember, but I feel as though they are just recently coming back in style in everyday wear. Emma Chamberlain has shown an excessive amount in long Floral skirts, pairing them with baby tanks, inspiring young women all over to do the same, as she is a fashion Icon!

Apron dresses- have taken some publicity as well in the cottage core aesthetic. To be fair, who does not want to be draped in soft, breathable fabric that also has pockets? I have seen a lot of Apron dresses in stores like Tj Max as well as online! 

Apron dress 


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