Keeping up with the Guardian Angels

Curtis Sliwa visits Senior Homes to Get Info that Is Denied to Family & Friends

This is our latest NYC Guardian Angel Program during the spread of Corona Virus. To visit the Senior Homes and long term care facilities to get information for the loved ones and friends who have been locked out from visiting or getting updates. These citizens have turned to us because government has failed them.

Sadly Jacqueline’s Father WALTER died hours later after I tried to get info. on his condition. His wife Joan who is in the same facility has not been told. Her condition as of today is unknown. We will keep trying to get info. on Joan for her family. We will keep you all informed.

Sunday we began our promise to our listeners to the long-term senior nursing homes that they brought to our attention that are in complete lock-down under the orders of Governor Cuomo and Murphy in New York and New Jersey. We started at Seagate in Coney Island and I chose that because that’s a facility when my father Chester had gone through rehab about 10 years ago; pretty good facility under normal situations.

Jacqueline, a WABC listener, had asked me specifically to check up on Walter, her father, in room for 39 and Joan, her mother in room 406. I figured I’d start here because I knew the lay of the land. I was not permitted entrance. I was told that it was illegal for any citizen to come into the facility in any circumstances. I asked them to simply just give me an update on how Walter and Joan were doing on behalf of their daughter Jacqueline. I might as well have been talking to the wall and this is the same facility that housed my father years ago. Weeks ago Governor Cuomo signed an order that allows hospitals to ship patients with coronavirus to nearby long-term SeniorCare Facilities. That is insane! That makes no sense and has led to 20% of the deaths in New York due to the coronavirus taking place in senior facilities. We will continue to check up on your loved ones and friends, that is our mission here for the Guardian Angels and WABC.

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