Dance Through The Movie “Work It”

The new Netflix movie Work It came out on August 7th and stars some familiar faces. Just some of the notable stars in this movie include Disney Star Sabrina Carpenter, Youtuber Liza Koshy, and Disney and Hamilton star Jordan Fisher. Work It is an inspirational movie thatfollows the life of a clumsy teen who is determined to get into her dream college.

Quinn is a straight-A student who would do anything to get into Duke University. While in her college interview the interviewer notices that her school is famous for their dance team. Quinn is so desperate to get into the school that she pretends to be on the team and that dance is her passion. Instead of telling the truth, she decides to try out for the dance team. Her best friend Jas who is on the team tried to teach her how to dance but unfortunately, she didn’t make the cut. Quinn decides to create her own team with the help of Jas and assembles a team full of misfits. She also gets famous dancer Jake Taylor as their choreographer to help them compete on stage and for her to get into Duke!

The dance scenes are a lot of fun to watch even though Quinn is struggling with it all. It shows ambition through dance and music. It is also inspirational; it shows that anything is possible and when something is important to a person they will do anything to accomplish it. And let’s not forget about the love story between Quinn and Jake. Stream “Work It” on Netflix now for a great laugh! There is never a dull moment in this movie.


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