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Dave Valle at YES. it’s just Too good to be true!

Anyone that truly knows me also knows that I love the great Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Frankie Valli. However, the Valle that I’m talking about in this column is the former major league catcher and long-time broadcaster for the Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers, Dave Valle.

Dave made his broadcast debut on the YES Network this weekend. The reviews are in and he was fabulous. His interactions with John Flaherty was amazing but then again why shouldn’t it have been considering they were both terrific big-league catchers and Dave was actually a mentor for Flash when Flaherty first got to the Red Sox. That only tells you that they are going to talk the same language. They actually looked like they had been working together for ages. The way Dave broke down the plus and minus’s seemed like he had been working around the Yankees all season. Well, he is a seasoned broadcaster so I shouldn’t be surprised.

Dave told me that going in he knew the great reputation of Bob Lorenz. Dave called him a true pros pro. He just didn’t know what to expect. Dave said that Bob was absolutely great and didn’t make him feel like the new kid on the block.

Bob was like the musical director who kept the music playing. The whole weekend the pre and post-game shows were kept right on key.

Bob Lorenz said that Dave was very easy to work with and having two catchers on set made it fun. He also said that he already knew of Dave’s resume and his work this weekend verified the accolades. Bob said Dave is a true professional who was extremely easy to work with.

This weekend I got to live one of my long-time dreams of actually working with Dave and Omar Minaya in the same organization.

I have known the both of them since they were 14 years old and I couldn’t be more proud of the wonderful things that they have accomplished in this challenging and short life.

I will never forget bringing them with me to Yankee Stadium or taking them to Reggie Jackson’s apartment when Reggie was Mr. October so that they could see how the other side lived!

For five decades I told them that my dream was for the three of us to work together and it finally happened… I guess dreams really do come true!
In the immortal words of the other Valli (Frankie), it’s just too good to be true!

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