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Daymond John can cook and eat on Homeplate NY

Daymond John got together with his good friend Chef Marcus Samuelsson at the terrific new restaurant Hav & Mar which is located on 11th avenue and 26th street.

As I walked in I found out immediately why this place is known as Marcus’s focused seafood restaurant. The different assortment of seafood dishes are through the roof.

As Daymond and Marcus walked in together they marched right to the kitchen. They were met by Chef de cuisine Fariyal Abdullahi who proceeded to go right to work. Chef Marcus was not afraid to let our new Chef Daymond try his hand at some of the seafood dishes that they were coming up with. By the look on his face, I could tell that Daymond was getting hungrier by the second, especially with every different dish that the two great chefs were concocting.

When Daymond and Chef Marcus finally sat down Daymond exclaimed how hungry he was. His actions in attacking the food spoke louder than his words. After the filming was over the film crew and I were well fed and I got to understand why Daymond loved the food. It was incredible.

It was really fun to watch and listen to these two individuals who happen to be good friends, talk about life and their beginnings.

To hear Daymond John who most of us know from his great show Sharktank talk about the Bronx and his love of Hip Hop. The fact that Hip Hop was born in the Bronx and he is a true Bronx boy.

I love Daymond John because like me he comes from the poorest congressional district in the United States and was never afraid to give it his best shot to make something of himself. He is someone that I consider the true American dream.

Daymond just completed his first childrens book. It’s called… Little Daymond learns to earn… it’s a fun teaching tool for parents to help their kids learn about responsibility and finances. Me being someone that has had a few books published, I can honestly say that a children’s book like this has never been done before and I’m upset that I didn’t think of it. Well, I guess that’s why he’s the man on Sharktank.

This episode of Homeplate NY will be on at the end of the month. Please make sure to catch it because this segment was a whole lot of fun.

Special thanks to Chef Marcus Samuelsson for your great hospitality at your beautiful new restaurant… Hav & Mar!

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