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DC Guardian Angels Save a Man’s Life

Yesterday at 3pm the Washington DC Police said that they were in pursuit of 2 young adult African American with guns.  After a brief chase one of the suspects was shot and killed by the police.  Within hours hundreds of demonstrators assembled outside of the po0lice precinct to protest.  The group was mostly black but also had some white involved.  3 Guardian Angels led by John “Unique” Ayala went into the crowd and rescued a tall white man who was not wearing a shirt.  He was neither drunk nor high or emotionally disturbed.  The crowd however was intent on beating him up.  As you see in the video Unique and Dino rescue this white guy and convince the hostile crowd to let him leave.  In the distance you can see the Washington DC police who did not intervene.  If not for these 3 DC Guardian Angels risking their lives to save a stranger there might have been another situation similar to what we’ve seen in Portland where demonstrators hurt or even killed an adversary.  This is what Guardian Angels do.  Thank you John Ayala, Dion King & Octavia Brown, all Guardian Angels veterans for running into that dangerous crowd and risking their own lives in the process. 

DC Gardian Angels At Work

Neighbors, allow me to give a shout out to the DC Guardian Angels. Tonight they really set the example, deescalated and kept everyone safe tonight at 7D, John Ayala, You and your Angels kept folks safe tonight. Thank you.Back Story was written by John Ayala:Last night Wednesday, September 3, 2020, while witnessing the protest in front of 7 District police station, I saw a crowd forming and heard people yelling words like kick his ass, you don't live here, we about to fuck you up, etc. I ran over to see what was going on. I clearly saw about 100 plus black people about to attack one white boy. I do not know why and I did not ask why. My concern was to get him to safety. I informed the protestors I will remove him and not to attack this male. I informed the protestors they are not here to attack anyone, but they are out here to get their voice heard. They started yelling at him get out of here before we beat your ass. I approached the male and informed him he had to leave for his safety and that myself and my Guardian Angel partner will escort him away and will physically protect him if needed. As we were walking away the crowd was yelling you lucky John and the Guardian Angels are here. You was about to get the business. As we escorted the male away from the crowd we were being hit with water bottles that the crowd was throwing at the male. We safely got him away from the protestors. As I returned back to the crowd, several protestors informed me that he was very lucky that I came over to de-escalate the situation. They said if I did not remove him from the area EMT would have. I'm happy I was there to stop a bad situation from getting worse. I also thank you for sharing this footage of me and my follow Guardian Angel putting ourselves in harm ways to save a life.

Posted by Tom Donohue on Wednesday, September 2, 2020

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