Underground Artist of the Month for November 2022


Death Grips are an experimental hip-hop group that represent underground fame in a way few artists have achieved. First formed in Sacramento, CA by the enigmatic MC Ride (Stefan Burnett), Zach Hill, and Andy Morin, the group quickly distinguished themselves from others in the scene with their innovative and often difficult-to-categorize sound. Their aggressive performances showcased a mix of industrial, rap, and punk rock that earned Death Grips a dedicated Internet cult following from the deepest corners of 4chan to Tumblr. Exmilitary was the group’s first album, followed by The Money Store and No Love Deep Web; these three albums are considered the apex of Death Grips’ discography. Though no longer active as of 2019, the group is still considered a legend in the underground hip-hop scene.

Gmail and the Restraining Orders

Past Picks of the Month

Death Grips

Reggie Becton

Dylan Sinclair


Amber Mark


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