Deepfakes in Hollywood

Movies don’t look the way they used to and will keep evolving. Long gone are the days of silent, black and white films with sloppy practical effects that had to be made by hand with physical materials. Computers have been facilitating the movie-making process for a few decades, allowing film makers with programming skills to blow up entire cities during alien invasions, combine human actors with animated ones, and much more. 

Movie production companies are taking notice of the fast development of artificial intelligence, which can already be used to fly drones, drive cars, and even write music. Deepfakes, images that are altered digitally to make someone look like someone else, are one of A.I. ‘s creations that have gained attention in pop culture in recent years. Videos of celebrities that had their faces swapped by other ones in TV and movie appearances flooded the internet, along with similar videos using politicians and spreading disinformation. 

According to an article on the Screenrant website, filmmakers will benefit from deepfakes the most when it comes to post-production and reshoots. A small team with deepfake technology could quickly change lines of dialogue without gathering an entire set and crew to reshoot. The technology may also bring other drastic changes, such as allowing movies to be filmed without the main cast member, rejuvenating actors to look like their younger selves, and even bringing back dead actors to the big screen. 

Some ethical concerns were raised recently when deep-fake technology was reportedly used to simulate the late chef Anthony Bourdain’s voice in the documentary Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain. Even though other films have featured deceased stars after their death, the use of Bourdain’s voice was controversial since he took his own life and never agreed to have his voice recreated. 

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