Did Bill Burr Cross The Line While Hosting SNL?

Bill Burr is a comedian and actor known for his interesting jokes that usually teeter on the line of what is appropriate. But that’s just comedy, right? Well, in today’s world, the line has moved. It has become the norm to be conscious and sensitive of everything and everyone when making any sort of statement in public.

In Burr’s opening monologue, he touched upon several topics like COVID-19, cancel culture, white women, and gay pride month. As it becomes more and more “socially unacceptable” to joke about these topics, SNL is no stranger to upsetting the public. They have made several jokes in years prior that they’ve had to apologize for.

When talking about the current pandemic, Burr remarked:

“I like people who wear masks. It’s good, and then if you don’t wear a mask, it doesn’t bug me either. Take out your grandparents, you know? Take out your weak cousin with the asthma, I don’t care! There’s too many people, it’s a dream come true.”

This ruffled some feathers, especially with the current Trump situation, as the President remarked: “Don’t be afraid of this virus.”

People who have been affected by the virus or have lost loved ones are unnerved by this joke and a few of the others that he made:

“It’s only gonna kill the weak, you know? Seriously, put on a sweater. Take some vitamins. You’re gonna be fine. You gotta let mother nature do her thing, man. People aren’t even, like, asking questions. They just look at you weird. Just like, ‘So you’re just gonna tell jokes? Talk about disease and wish it on people?'”

While poking fun at white women who Burr says “somehow hijacked the whole movement” (in reference to the gay pride movement), Burr offered:

“My life is so hard. My SUV and my heated seats. You have no idea what it’s like to be me.”

It’s interesting that Burr made all these controversial jokes while he himself even brought up “cancel culture,” as this could potentially “cancel” him. It has not taken long for the public to react, and the backlash is growing by the day.


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