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Did Brandy Melville Actually Make Their Clothes Bigger?

Brandy Melville is a tricky subject to talk about. While it is popular and has created its’ own aesthetic, this brand is known for their one size fits all clothing. This is extremely harmful for girls of all ages as it creates the false misconception that one must look a certain way. The one size fits all clothing is admittedly toxic because that is simply not how life works. Every body is beautiful, and the body positivity movement is never failing to drill that into people’s brains. With rising concerns about this brand, people are wondering, did Brandy Melville change their sizing? 

According to Her Campus, Brandy Melville has indeed changed their sizing. Most of their items are now labelled as XS-S while some are labelled as “oversized”. Additionally, some of their bottoms now go up to a medium size and the largest waist measurement is 29 inches. Although this size change may seem more inclusive at first, it truly is just a big slap in the face. The rebranding of their clothing seems as if the company has recognized their wrongs and decided to find a way to cover it up. If you head over to TikTok, many people are stating that they believe Brandy’s clothing is getting larger. Even if this is true, what steps is Brandy Melville going to take to promote body positivity and be inclusive to all girls? 

This is in no means a way to attack girls who fit, and rock, Brandy Melville clothing. Their pieces are to die for! What I am saying though, is that the “one size fits all” tag is very detrimental to one’s self-image. No matter your size, you should never try to change how you look because of a clothing company trying to capitalize off your insecurities. Instead, it is important to remember that you are not meant to fit clothing, clothing is meant to fit you. 

 If you scroll through the Brandy Melville Instagram, you will find that there is a lack of body diversity. I think it’s time that we teach girls that no matter their size, they deserve to rock whatever piece of clothing they desire, even if the brand leads them to believe otherwise. 


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