Ding, Ding, Class Is In… A Living Room?

As we hit mid July going into August, every city, county, and state is trying to figure out what to do about reopening schools for the fall quarter. As we go into August some school districts are scheduled to open in August and some in September. With COVID19 still going and climbing, on a second surge of reports and diagnoses, states that have reopened are forced to close again and are left wondering what to do about this coming school year.

President Trump has been an advocate and pushing for schools to open back up as normal, but this is just too risky as medical organizations, top teachers unions, and parents disagree with sending their children back to a normal classroom setting. Yes, face masks are being required in the classroom, but is that enough?

Larger city school districts such as Los Angeles and New York are planning to start schooling remotely. Classrooms may be on Zoom right in the students living room. This will require more discipline, but it’s for the health of the students. A classroom is usually larger than the required CDC guidelines of 10 or less, which is usually 15 or more. Also a lunchroom, which is served to students with food trays or free hands-on is also hazardous. Hallways and public bathrooms full of children and staff sounds like a bad idea. It is also an image that gives parents anxiety.

According to the Axios-ipsos poll, more than 7 in 10 parents see a large or somewhat risk on sending their child(ren) back to school. The anxiety is also higher in the Black and Brown communities and families who are more at risk, due to health issues such as asthma and diabetes, blood pressure and so on.

However, President Trump is ignoring the warning signs and obvious operation of how schools work. Trump tweeted “SCHOOLS MUST OPEN IN THE FALL” via Twitter last week. Although CNN reports,”Full sized, in-person classes, activities, and events” bring the highest risk of spread, according to the CDC’s guidance, which warns against situations in which “students are not spaced apart, share classroom materials or supplies, and mix between classes and activities.” And though there is proof of the risk opening schools will bring, President Trump is not backing down. Although the majority disagree with his stance and way of school operating, which is seen as too much of a risk, with schools planning to start as soon as August.


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