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Diverse mythologies unveiled: ‘A Drop of Venom’ marks last chapter in Rick Riordan Presents journey

In the vibrant realm of literature, an established imprint has flourished under the renowned author Rick Riordan. With a catalog spanning fifteen captivating books since its inception in 2018, Rick Riordan Presents has brought forth a treasure trove of mythological tales that delve into the cultural narratives often overshadowed by the mainstream. 

At its helm is the visionary mind of Rick Riordan, who recognized the significance of weaving cultural narratives through the pens of authors, who are a part of the heritage the mythology comes from. 

Rick Riordan Presents was a product of a brilliant notion – to amplify mythologies from across the globe by enlisting authors with connections to their mythologies. Over time, this initiative has developed into a beacon of diverse storytelling, an invitation to travel through narratives that honor the intricacies of different cultures’ mythic traditions.

With a collection of around fifteen different stories, the imprint embarks on a journey to empower underrepresented voices, crafting a montage of mythological marvels. Through exploration of Hindu, Aztec, Mayan, Korean, and Cuban mythologies, these narratives brim with authenticity, pouring from the hearts of authors familiar with their heritage.

The imprint stands testament to Rick Riordan’s conviction in fostering literary voices from diverse backgrounds to tell their stories. 

The most recent addition, “A Drop of Venom” by Sajni Patel, exemplifies the imprint’s commitment to spotlighting unsung sagas. This young adult fantasy intricately weaves a feminist reimagining of Medusa’s origins, drawing inspiration from the rich history of Indian lore. The novel introduces readers to a young serpent queen’s rise to power and the Slayer set on her path, unearthing questions about the essence of monstrosity and power dynamics.

Steeped in its devotion to showcasing cultural authenticity and unearthing concealed mythologies, Rick Riordan Presents shapes a trail that transcends beyond western literature’s confines. 


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