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Does playing background music help you study better?

It’s raining outside as you’re studying away with a warm spiced chai in your lap. Suddenly your mind stops, and you have a block in your studies. Adding a little music to your headphones helps increase your study time and leaves you less drained.

When I first started studying with background music, I saw a massive increase in my grades and more energy. Listening to something with few words, such as ambiance music, was a game changer for me. Or if you like jazz music or classical music. 

As we all know, Leona is a huge Harry Potter nerd, so no doubt Harry Potter Music & Ambience is one of my go-to’s for studying/working. Not only are there Harry Potter Soundtracks but also Star Wars, Disney, Bridgerton… the list goes on and on. I will leave some links to YouTube background music videos that I personally love at the end of this article. 

To back this information up, I’m going to throw some facts on the table to convince you. A recent study done by Florida National University found that studying while listening to ambient music reduced stress and anxiety while improving performance focus and brain function. 

A University of Southern California study found that orchestra music is especially effective at soothing the mind in addition to better information retention. This music can also help you sleep better if you have insomnia. Other gentle music, such as piano or slow guitar, can also be highly effective.

Overall as a music nerd, this helped me a lot, but I’ve also grown up playing the piano, being in a band, and singing since I was very young. If you are not super into music, this might not have as big of an impact on your studies, but If you do love music, I recommend giving it a try. Or Heck, even if you’re not a music nerd, simple tracks such as Rain in the Background or a fireplace cracking could help if you are open to trying it. 

In conclusion, studies point to music being highly effective for work or school studies. It’s hard not to find something suitable for you when there is so much that the Internet offers. As promised, here are some of the videos that I love to play in the background while I am studying away. 

My #1 fav

Other recommendations are:

another year at Hogwarts ✨ beautiful music from the Harry Potter films (continuous mix)

Best for around Xmas – The Nutcracker 🕊 Winter Music Ambience ☃️✨ by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky ✨🧸

The Chronicles of Narnia – Relaxing Ambient & Music – William Maytook

saint-saëns – the swan (pitched down + slowed + reverb) 1 hr version

Classical Music for Reading – Mozart, Chopin, Debussy, Tchaikovsky…


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