Does Ridding Homeless People Really Solve Problems?

From San Francisco to New York City, one couldn’t help but see that there are homeless people everywhere. Many people used to say that the quality of life was so much better back then, but what made things worse? Having homeless people around the streets is more costly than one would think to relocate them in another vicinity. If you move homeless people, they’ll always find a place to say even in the toughest of conditions,

As of January 2018, there were 552,830 homeless people in the United States. The organization Built for Zero helped homeless people in erasing disease issues and also controlled surveillance around the homeless areas. They take a deep understanding into the person’s personal situation and provide appropriate solutions for each problem that exists.

One of the things that Italy focused on to reduce their homeless population was helping with mental health issues, studies have shown that up to 45 percent of homeless people in America suffer from mental health issues. Italy passed a law back in 1978 that would have mental health and social inclusion services. In the city of Trieste, the 1,200-bed mental health institution has now been reduced to six hospital beds because the plan worked out extremely well.

Helsinki, Finland, invested a lot of money to make housing unconditional for their homeless population. Their homeless shelter became homes and they would provide mental health and medical services.

Utah decreased their number of homeless people by 72 percent by building apartments and sharing locations where people can live with no additional conditions. This program that supports the homeless population is called Housing First.

New York University psychologist Sam Tsemberis questions, “Why not just give them a place to live and offer them free counseling and therapy, health care, and let them decide if they want to participate? Why not treat chronically homeless people as human beings and members of our community who have a basic right to housing and health care?”

One of the main reasons why there are so many homeless people in these metropolitan cities is because people do not have enough money to live in the city, even with the cheaper apartments. Prices have continuously risen since the pandemic. In addition to this, there are families who spend their nights in cars. Having emergency rooms and jails is much more costly, having each person cost $30,000 to $50,000 every year. 

Locking people up is only a temporary measure, but it is surely not sustainable.


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