Donald Trump Confirms He Will Leave White House

On Thursday, Donald Trump finally confirmed that he will leave the White House in January.  If the Electoral College votes for President-elect Joe Biden, Donald Trump will accept his defeat.  This announcement followed weeks of President Trump challenging his exit.  The results of the race show that Biden won by 74 electoral votes, and Biden also leads by more than 6 million in the popular vote. 

Over the past few weeks, Trump has refused to accept the results of the election, basing his claims on allegations of voter fraud.  He has even attempted to legally challenge voting outcomes in several states; however, these efforts have failed. Trump did note in his remarks that conceding would be difficult, and he continues to use his platform on Twitter to challenge reports of his loss.

The electoral college is scheduled to meet on December 14th.  There, each state’s nominated electors will cast their state’s electoral votes for the winner of the presidential election.  The votes are then to be officially counted by Congress on the sixth of January, with the new President-elect being sworn into office on January 20th.


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