Don’t Be Afraid of Foundation

Many struggle with the battle of wanting clear skin while also trying to achieve the smooth-matte look of foundation. When breakouts arise, we often cover the blemishes with thick foundation. Thus, highlights foundations of a thick consistency to be the leading culprit of breakouts.

By taking the right precautions, one may be able to wear foundation without the stress of a facial breakout. There is no magical foundation brand that prevents pours from being clogged. It is about the routine that the foundation is applied and how you take care of your skin. 

Rule one, foundation should always follow a moisturizer. No matter what brand you select, there needs to be a barrier between the skin and the foundation that sits between the makeup and the pores. Two, even when you are not wearing foundation, keep the skin moisturized. Not moisturizing causes the skin to produce more oil from underneath the pores, which is a bigger reason for a breakout. Lastly, rule three, use a tool to apply foundation. If you apply it with your hands, you risk pushing the oils from your hands into your pores. A sponge or brush is going to spread the foundation and extract some of the extra oil away from the skin. 

There are brands of makeup that cater to those with oily skin, but most brands have a product that has low-oil quality, meaning you don’t have to change your brand if you are happy with it.  As long as you completely clean your makeup off at the end of the day and you keep your skin nourished, you should be able to wear foundation with less fear of breakouts.

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