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Dr. Fauci Suggests that Face Masks May be Worn Seasonally From Now on

Throughout the pandemic, many of us have been asking ourselves when things will look “normal” again. The truth is, life may never be the same as it was before the pandemic struck. In some ways, this has already been confirmed: Dr. Fauci has just suggested during a CBS Face the Nation interview that the use of masks may continue seasonally in the future.

While, in other parts of the world, mask use has been normalized for decades, it is a practice that is relatively new to the United States. Many people, often labeled “anti-maskers,” are adamantly opposed to using masks, because they view the mandate as a violation of their personal freedoms.

However, the benefits of mask usage were clearly visible during the pandemic. There was a significant decrease in the amounts of respiratory illness contracted during flu season. The usage of masks in an effort to prevent COVID-19 transmission also prevented other respiratory infections. For this reason, Fauci has suggested that mask usage will likely continue during flu seasons.

Now, as restrictions loosen, the use of masks may continue on a seasonal basis, as their benefits were highlighted during the pandemic.





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