Dr. Hector Castillo the right choice for New Jersey

“Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much” word of wisdom by Helen Keller are the words that have inspired many individuals to stand up and be the voice of their people. Dr. Hector Castillo is a running republican candidate for New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District, that aspires to be the voice that represents the interest and needs of New Jersey citizens. At the age of 11, Castillo immigrated from Peru with his hard-working parents, who came to the United States seeking the American Dream. Just like his parents, he worked hard and graduate with honors from John Paul VI High School and became a Doctor graduating from Senton Hall University with two B.S. in Biology and Chemistry.

As a professional Hispanic doctor, he opened his first office in Paterson, New Jersey, with the goal of serving the Spanish speaking communities of one of New Jersey’s largest cities. Through several years of working directly with the community, Castillo listened and understood their concerns with an open mind. After surviving a life-threatening disease his heart got filled with inspiration and 6 months following a healthy recovery, he was determined to be the change New Jersey was waiting for.

 New Jersey has been decidedly run by the Democratic Party for years. Hector believes that Congress needs responsible and conservative individuals who will work hand in hand with the Senate and President Trump to increase the viability of the state’s economy. In his stances for his candidacy, Hector talks about working and voting for better tax laws for New Jersey, Protecting the second amendment, limiting terms in the congress for no more than two years, creating better medical insurance programs and controlling drug abuse related to opioids and marijuana. As a doctor, he stands with pro-life and pro-vaccination views for the sake of the public health and well-being of the citizens. 

Castillo was once an immigrant in America; therefore, he acknowledges the importance and greatness that diversity brings to our nation. With a seat in Congress he plans to support reforming immigration laws and strengthen the border security systems to ensure that those that enter the country are here to contribute to it. He and his family are great examples of how coming into the U.S. legally and working hard can help one achieve the American Dream. He aspires to share this dream with many other individuals who are seeking better ways of living.

From a dream to a reality, Hector Castillo works vigorously to ensure that New Jersey has the best representation in the Congress. He ensures that their needs will be met and that their voice will be heard. From healthcare to securing a better future for our children, this candidate has nothing but the interest of the people in his mind. He stands for the flag and he will stand with his people. 


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