Dr. Scott Atlas Resigns from Trump Administration

Dr. Scott Atlas, a Special Government Employee and Trump’s special advisor on the COVID outbreak, turned in his notice of resignation on Monday. He joined the Trump Administration in August for a 130-day detail, which was going to end this week. According to a statement made to Fox News this summer, Dr. Atlas stated: “I was asked to be an advisor on the coronavirus pandemic to the President of the United States, and I was asked to do that because I have a 25-year career at top, elite medical centers, as a doctor and in patient care.”

During his time under the Trump Administration, there has been much controversy over his decisions and statements surrounding the virus. The American people and other coronavirus task force members expressed their concerns over the fact that he questioned the need for masks and lockdowns. On the other hand, Biden and his incoming administration are taking a pro-mask stance. Dr. Fauci also accused Scott Atlas of giving Trump misleading facts about the virus while the numbers continued to rise.

According to Dr. Atlas’s letter, obtained by Fox News, he stated that he, “worked hard with a singular focus—to save lives and help Americans through this pandemic.” Along with this, he wrote about the efforts of the Trump Administration during the pandemic. He wrote: “We also successfully designed rational guidelines for safely opening schools, a strategic use of the newly developed testing program, and a national stockpile of drugs for future crises.”

In his letter, Atlas also applauded Operation Warp Speed. Operation Warp Speed works to speed up the production of the vaccine and make sure that it is safely distributed.  OWS is comprised of different organizations and departments and works to ensure that all safety guidelines and precautions are taken into consideration.

Fox News Source: Dr. Scott Atlas resigns as special adviser to Trump on coronavirus | Fox News


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