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Dry Red Wine Market Is Booming Worldwide

According to wine research experts, the Dry Red Wine market experienced a huge change under the influence of COVID-19. In a study titled “Global Dry Red Wine Market Insights, Size, Share, Growth, Opportunities, Emerging Trends, Forecast to 2028,” performed by Qurate Research, current and future conditions of the global Dry Red Wine market were found to be booming worldwide. 

The report is based on research studies on various facets of the worldwide Dry Red Wine market, and it departs from the economic recovery period that the world has entered following the COVID-19 epidemic. This report covers aspects like the manufacturer data, sales volume, price, revenue, gross margin, and business distribution. This information helps the consumer know about the competitors and also the regions and countries of the world where the wine is produced. 

The key wine producers profiled in the report are:

  • E&J Gallo Winery, Constellation, The Wine Group, Kendall-Jackson Vineyard Estates, and Trinchero Family from the USA, 
  • Accolade Wines, Treasury Wine Estates, and Casella Wines from Australia,
  • Pernod-Ricard and Castel from France, 
  • Concha y Toro from Chile, 
  • Changyu Group, GreatWall, and Dynasty from China 

What is the appeal behind Dry Red Wine?

Dry red wines are a favorite among wine lovers and collectors. Their flavor profile is very rich, which makes them ideal to pair with cured meats like liverwurst and chorizo and rich, oily fish like salmon, sardines, or mackerel. It also goes well with roasted vegetables or mushrooms as a tasty entree. 

Dry reds like Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Zinfandel are also popular for being heart-healthy, as long as they are enjoyed in moderation. Additionally, dry red wine is widely used for cooking, in the same manner as dry white wine.   

Dry reds are also very high in tannins, polyphenols derived from the skins, stems, and seeds of grapes that are the essence of a wine’s pucker power. Tannins are responsible for a wine’s structure and body. 

While most other types of wine have a low tannin content because they are made from grapes with higher acidity, like white wines, red wines tend to be much fuller due to their high tannin content. Wines that are high in tannins have a great aging potential, which is why wine collectors adore a dry red. When stored properly, these wines can develop beautifully exotic nuances with age.


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