Eat and Look Radiant!

In a recently compiled list on, they named the 10 best foods to improve your appearance. They really didn’t need to tell us twice because if we can eat AND look good doing it, that’s reason enough for a dietary change.
And the awards go to:

  1. Organic Tomatoes – Loaded with Vitamins A and C, organic tomatoes are rich with antioxidants that help fight all sorts of illnesses. So no more need to shell out the big bucks on exotic antioxidants like goji and açai because you can just pop into your nearest Whole Foods and pick up a few ripe tomatoes.
  2. Green Tea – There has always been a lot of hype over green tea and its health benefits, some of which include better skin and even cancer prevention (to an extent). Grab some organic green tea in bulk at your nearest grocery store or have your local café brew you a cup at any time of day!
  3. Broccoli – Either you love it or you loathe it, broccoli has become a health food staple with its anti-inflammatory properties which help with arthritis, eye health, and even sun damage. It’s easy to cook up too; just steam some broccoli with some olive oil, salt, and garlic and you will have a delicious side to any meal!
  4. Salmon – Don’t underestimate the power of salmon! Fish have always been a source of lean protein (and lauded as “brain food” because of its brain stimulating properties) and salmon is the source of anti-inflammatory Omega 3s, healthy fats, and vitamin B12. Eat some and you’ll get glowing skin. Yum!
  5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or in the words of Rachel Ray, EVOO) – If you’re going to use oil, make it extra virgin! Not only does it prevent heart disease and cancer, but it lowers cholesterol and has antioxidants. And in case you didn’t know, you can also use EVOO as a budget friendly eye makeup remover (it won’t clog your pores, promise) which will leave your eyes feeling moisturized and alleviate symptoms of aging.
  6. Dark Leafy Greens – Loaded with vitamins and iron (think Popeye), these greens can be snuck into any variety of meals. My favorite is spinach salad with cucumbers, grilled chicken and a dollop of hummus instead of dressing.
  7. Walnuts – These shelled suckers are packed with good fats (the monounsaturated kind), which is great for heart health, lowering cholesterol, boosting brain function, and reducing inflammation. You don’t need many of these to reap the benefits, though. Go easy.
  8. Blueberries – These fruits are low in calories and very high in Vitamin C and E along with fiber. And they’re tasty.
  9. Dark Chocolate – Do we really need to convince you? It’s packed with antioxidants and it even protects skin from UV damage. So swap out the milk chocolate for some dark chocolate and your body will thank you.
  10. Avocados – Known as the healthy man’s butter, avocados have a deliciously creamy consistency (and they are the core ingredient of guacamole, yum!) They’re also loaded with cholesterol-lowering power, potassium, folate, carotenoids, vitamin E, and happiness-inducing monounsaturated fats. Who needs butter now?!

So now you have another reason to eat healthy. It doesn’t even feel like a diet when everything is so delicious…


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