Latin Artist of the Month for April 2023


El Hijo de Borikén is a musical group from Puerto Rico characterized by their politically conscious, socially aware, and protest-like lyrics dedicated towards their island. Plenero and rapper Emil Martinez Roldan, better known as el Hijo de Borikén, was raised in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico; and was later joined by the second unit of the musical group, producer and rapper Aníbal “El S.” Vidal Quintero.

The purpose behind their music is fully apparent in their name, which translates to “the son of Borikén”, Borikén being the original indigenous name of Puerto Rico, given by the Taínos. Their music is a portrayal of the emotional, musical and colonial status of Puerto Ricans and what it is to be an islander.

They are well known for mixing the musical stylings of rap and plena, a notoriously unusual pair, to portray an accurate representation of the Puerto Rican culture, traditions, and struggles. Their music marks a new stage in Puerto Rican music and opens a path full of revolutionary possibilities.

El Hijo de Borikén is currently participating in a project called “El Vueltón”, which consists of tour of presentations in local bars around Puerto Rico to showcase what they describe as their “flow criollo”.


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