Emily in Paris

Netflix’s latest rom-com series is Emily in Paris, a show that follows a young American who moves to France for a marketing job.  The one catch to this fantastical story is that Emily speaks no French.

While this story has an adorable premise, it has received harsh criticism.  It paints France as a society with lazy work habits, sexist cultural values, and overall rude attitudes. Despite these faults, Emily in Paris continues to be all the rage!

The story constantly has you rooting for Emily, the underdog, and the element of fashion pays homage to shows like Sex and the City and Gossip Girl.  The beautiful scenery showcases the best of Paris, and the goofy sidekicks maintain a quirky element that keeps audiences laughing.

Finally, the story’s message is very relevant.  It allows for the age of social media to be played out in a way that isn’t too cliché.  The way the show showcases new generations using social media to market and build a presence juxtaposed with people of older ages touches on conflicts that many adults find themselves confronted with as they enter the workforce.

All ten episodes of Emily in Paris are available now for streaming on Netflix.


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