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Emma Hunt: From World Cup triumph to Olympic hopeful in climbing

Emma Hunt, American athlete, celebrates an astonishing victory at the world championships in sports climbing. Hunt brought home a silver medal in the speed event and obtained a sought after position in the 2024 Paris Olympics. The 20-year-old US record holder, and Georgia native, couldn’t hide her surprise and relief as she achieved a lifelong dream.

During the semifinals in Switzerland, Hunt went head-to-head with Poland’s world record holder and former Olympian, Aleksandra Mirosław last thursday. Miroslaw slipped at the beginning of the event and was unable to finish, placing Hunt among the top two qualifiers for the Olympic event. 

Hunt faced a tough opponent in the final, Desak Made Rita Kusuma Dewi of Indonesia, but she still displayed her tenacity and skill, completing the event in 6.672 seconds, just a fraction behind her opponent’s 6.492 seconds. While Dewi finished first and also secured a place at the Olympics, Hunt is eagerly being cheered on by US fans.

Notably, Emma Hunt achieved the prestigious title of the 2021 World Cup season champion and followed that up with a strong second-place finish in last year’s World Cup standings.

Climbing was introduced in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The competition was brought to another level by blending the disciplines of bouldering, lead, and speed while bringing athletes of all genders together in a unique and captivating showdown. Notably, Nathaniel Coleman emerged as the top American in the competition, earning a well-deserved silver medal.

For the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics, the sport of climbing will be split into two distinct medal events for each gender. This change will include a speed event and another event that combines bouldering and lead disciplines, ensuring a diverse and engaging experience for athletes and spectators alike.

As the world championships progress, the focus now turns to the boulder and lead finals over the next two days, with further Olympic spots up for grabs. 


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