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    Explained (Spoilers)

Ending of Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. 1
Explained (Spoilers)

Almost a week after its release, everyone is talking about the ending of Stranger Things
season 4, vol. 1. If you are anything like me, you are practically jumping out of your seat
waiting for vol. 2 to come out.

But, before we talk about what could possibly happen in vol. 2, let’s rewind and see
what the ending of vol. 1 means. If you haven’t seen the show, stop reading now
because there are going to be many spoilers ahead.

Throughout the show we see Eleven struggling with her identity, and questioning
whether she is a hero, or a monster who is capable of terrible things. In the flashbacks
she gets, viewers can see a massacre that occurred in the lab experiment she was a
part of when she was younger, and one can only assume that it was El herself who
killed all those people. After training with a group of Doctors to try and get her powers
back, we find out at the end of the season that El wasn’t the one who killed those
people, it was an orderly who worked at the lab.

Through revelations we find out that the orderly isn’t just some regular person. He was
the experiment’s first ever test subject, Number One. It turns out that Number One was
a man named Henry Creel, who came under the care of the scientist in charge of the
experiment after killing his parents. Creel befriends El because she was one of the most
powerful test subjects, and tricks her into removing a chip from under his skin.

Creel believes that it’s up to him to wipe out the human race because it upsets the
balance of the world. He asks El to join him, but she refuses and defeats him in an
intense psychic standoff. Viewers later see El send One into the Upside Down, opening

the very first gate in Hawkins. In the present, One/Henry Creel is Vecna, who has been
opening gates around Hawkins and killing teenagers.

As for the rest of the gang, they are all in groups trying to take on another task. Mike,
Will, Jonathan, and their new friend Argylle get caught in the crossfire of the
government faction who believe El is actually the one killing teens in Hawkins. Steve,
Nancy, Robin, and Eddie try to find their way out of the Upside Down. In doing so,
Nancy is cast under Vecna’s trance, and it’s at this moment when she finds out that
Vecna is actually Henry Creel. Max, Lucas, Dustin, and Erica are trying to save the
older kids from the Upside Down, and later realize that Vecna’s been making strong
psychic connections with teens and killing them to rip holes between the dimensions
and open more gates. Hopper, Joyce, and Murray are trying to save each other from
Soviet Union Guards, and get back home.

There’s a lot one can theorize in vol. 2. But for now, I guess we just have to wait and


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